About Sivasamgi: Redefining Women Fashion - Crafting Elegance in Women's Ethnic Wear

About Sivasamgi

My passion for fashion started young, influenced by my family’s embroidery business. I grew up watching my father run a small manufacturing unit, witnessing the artistry and skill of creating beautiful fabrics and garments. Though we started small, my grandfather always said “It doesn’t matter where you start, what matters is where you aim to reach.”


I dreamed of starting my own globally-recognized clothing brand. After 8 years as a Bollywood freelance designer and saving every rupee, I set out to achieve my lifelong vision. Beginning on a small scale but thinking big, I leverage my family’s decade of embroidery expertise while combining modern aesthetic and high-quality standards. My 10-year goal is to transform our homegrown operation into an international fashion house known for fusing intricate Indian textiles with contemporary silhouettes.


The journey has been full of struggles but also blessings, the greatest being my loving and supportive wife. She has been my rock, helping manage pressures while keeping me focused on growth. With her and our skilled local artisans, I feel confident in working toward my dream of building our brand into a globally recognized name in Indian fashion. Guided by my grandfather’s wisdom to aim high, we can elevate our small startup to make its own mark on the world stage.